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BWI Marshall Cargo Services


Though every effort has been made by Baltimore/ Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI Marshall) to check the accuracy of the information contained in this guide, the sources of these data are independent organizations and enterprises not connected with the Airport. BWI Marshall may not, therefore, be held liable for any changes, errors or omissions of information contained herein.

Location and Transportation Network

BWI Marshall's central location on the east coast of the United States and the excellent transportation infrastructure that surrounds it, provides BWI with premiere access for air cargo distribution throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Mid-West and Northeast regions of the United States. Linked to five interstate highways, BWI Marshall is within minutes of rail service and just 15 minutes from the Port of Baltimore. This enables cargo shipped through BWI Marshall to be transported, warehoused and distributed cost effectively.

Cold Storage Facilities

BWI Marshall is ready to handle time-sensitive air cargo with 24 hour a day cold storage. Whether shipping seafood, produce, flowers, pharmaceuticals or any other commodity that requires temporary cold storage, BWI Marshall is equipped to provide on-airport services to ensure that the product is temperature controlled immediately upon unloading or prior to the loading of the aircraft.

Foreign-Trade Zone

Normally, when foreign cargo lands on U.S. soil, it is subject to clearance through U.S. Customs and the payment of duty. A facility designated for foreign-trade zone use allows both foreign and domestic merchandise to be stored, manipulated and re-exported without the usual formal customs entry procedures and payment of duties and taxes. If the merchandise is shipped within the United States for domestic consumption, the importer ordinarily has a choice of paying duties either on the original foreign material or the finished product. The net result: the importer retains operating capital by deferring duty payments on imports and by avoiding lengthy drawback procedures on exported goods. Today, more than $200 billion worth of merchandise is handled within Foreign Trade Zones. Some of the biggest industry users include aerospace, automotive, textiles, footwear, electronics and appliances, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil and medical equipment. Foreign Trade Zone #73 offers both warehouse and office facilities available to BWI Marshall cargo customers for immediate occupancy which are designated for Foreign Trade Zone use. To learn more on how zone use can benefit your business, call your customs broker or Foreign Trade Zone #73.

Fish and Wildlife Designation

Due to BWI Marshall’s designation as a port of entry for wildlife and wildlife products, an inspector is on site to expedite the clearance of such items as live animals, fish and game. U.S. Customs professional customs brokerage services and electronic entry filing through the Automated Broker Interface (ABI) enables the trade community to enjoy benefits of 24 hour shipping and receiving international cargo expeditiously.